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Dear Chris and Staff,

Thank you very much for the outstanding service you all provided me over the last week or so. You absolutely saved my vacation! Roughly a week before my wife and I were to take our first cruise, one of my wisdom teeth started to " feel funny". In the matter of days or so, the pain was unbearable. You took me in at a moments notice and recommended a number of oral surgeons to extract the tooth while providing a prescription for the pain. After contacting nearly every  oral surgeon in the Southern Tier, I was not able to make a appointment in time to save our trip. I called back to your office to see if you had any suggestions. Within a day , you  and your staff had made time that extended past your normal operating hours to take care of me. You were able to extract the tooth with expert precision and no complications and in plenty of time to heal and be on my way to the Western Caribbean!

This kinds of service and care for your patients is what sets you and your team apart from the rest. I confidently recommend you to anyone looking for dental treatment. Anyone currently under your care is truly fortunate . Thank you very much!  Sincerely, Kevin R. Williams

Throughout four generations, our family has had the privilege of receiving dental care from Dr. Aumock. He has always treated each of us with kindness, respect and professionism. From my 3 year old daughter to my 90 year old grandmother, the staff at Dr. Aumock's office has always provided an atmosphere of warmth and caring and put any anxieties to ease. MaryAnn is always on time for our cleaning appointments and works skillfully with each of our children, who look forward to seeing her each time they go to the dentist. Teri's role of assisting Dr. Aumock with dental procedures make sure everything is flawless and always greets her patients with a smile. We always have been, and continue to be, very pleased with our experiences at Dr. Aumock's and would encourage anyone looking for a new dentist to seriously consider making an appointment , you will not be disappointed. Kristine Maslin

Dear Dr. Aumock

I have been meaning to get this letter out for two months now, finally doing it. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your generosity in keeping your word from the beginning of my visits. You did everything  possible in this situation and although the plan didn't work I consider you the finest dentist I have ever been to and I recommend you to people who ask. I will be back in for further work as needed. You also have a great staff there. Many Thanks Joe Quinn

I appreciate you helping me out, yet again Dr. Aumock! you should be extremely proud of your practice and your amazing team! I couldn't ask for a better dentist's office, than what you have provided. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Sincerely , Janet Ward


Dear Dr. Aumock, Tom and I would like to contribute to your new website so here goes... No one likes going to the dentist...However, since we must all give in from time to time and do the unthinkable we think that going to see Dr. Chris and Maryann makes it a whole lot easier. There is always a smiling face to greet you and a warm voice on the phone when the office calls to confirm your appointment. Maryann does a wonderful job at not only cleaning your teeth but also keeps your mind off your mouth by keeping you amused with her little stories! Dr. Chris is always there to see to any problem you may be having and attends to your concerns as quickly as he can. Tom and I found Dr. Aumock's dental practice when we moved to Owego and we are very glad we did. They are very accommodating at getting you in when you need to be seen. Likewise, if you need to change an appointment you will not have to wait for months to be rescheduled. Dr. Chris himself responded to a weekend problem that I had at one time and offered to see me, I didn't have to talk to an answering service. We would highly recommend Dr. Aumock's dental practice to anyone, young or old, after all.. No one likes going to the dentist.. Sincerely,
Tom and Connie Pompette


My family and I live in Endwell, and travel to Owego to see Dr. Chris Aumock regularly. We have found his dental expertise to be superior and his easy-going, professional manner refreshing, and well worth the trip. We have enjoyed having Chris as our family dentist for over 20 years, and wouldn't go to anyone else!

-Gerald and Susan Grahame

My family and I have been patients of Chris and Jerry (Delos) Aumock since I was a child in the 50's.. I was once told that Ability, Availability and Amiability were the key ingredients to a professional success. The technical expertise, friendliness and hometown compassion of Dr. Aumock's Practice place it head and shoulders above the norm: your teeth could have no better friend then Chris and his staff!

Keith A. Nichols, M.D.

Chris and his team are incredible! There have been a couple times when our family has needed some urgent care, and Chris has changed his schedule to take care of us at our convenience - not something that happens elsewhere! Our two boys never complain about going to see Chris - in fact they look forward to it. The combination of customer service, quality of care and overall friendliness of the staff make going to the dentist a pleasant, not painful, experience!

Dick and Leslee Lindhorst

Over the past several decades four generations of the Hastings family have relied upon three generations of the Aumock family for dental care. Dr. Chris Aumock carries on in the time honored tradition of his father and grandfather before him in providing caring, top quality dentistry. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the services of Chris and his staff available to us for all out dental needs. A trip to the dentist shouldn't be something dreaded and for us it never is. We look forward to each visit knowing that we will be well cared for and will get to spend some time with wonderful friends like Chris and all the other great folks on his staff.

Dick and Kathie Hastings

About 57 years ago, a young Dr. Aumock (Jerry) came to the Newark Valley School and cleaned my teeth when I was a young student. My family began traveling to Owego to have him fill some cavities that I had in my teeth. Dr. Aumock shared an office with his father upstairs in the building where the Tioga County Council Of The Arts now has its office.

Later Dr. Aumock moved his office across the street and eastward to the building where lawyer Adam Schumacher now has his office. In a few years, his son Chris joined the practice and began working on my wife's and my teeth.

For the past several years, we have continued our dental care in Chris's current Front Street office. Being older now, several of my teeth have needed crowns which Chris has done with much skill and gentle touch. We feel like Chris is like family to us and we are pleased to have him do our dental work. Mary Ann Shinners has cleaned our teeth for many of these years and we always visit about our families with her during our cleanings every six months.

Dave Ostrander

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been patients with Chris Aumock for many years & have been entirely happy in having him as our dentist. He is very competent in his work, & gentle in how he relates to his patients. Over the years he has been available for emergency problems when they occurred, even on weekends.

Patrick O Connell
Rose Anne O Connell


For too many years I suffered with pain, pieces of my teeth breaking off, and finally an inability to chew hard food. My fear of further pain at the dentist prevented me from fixing my problems, but finally I had no choice.

On recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Aumock, and met with him. I was immediately impressed with his warmth a short term commitment! I was pretty terrified! Over the next 3 months I came into the office & had absolutely no pain or discomfort at my appointments. My fear dissolved as the work continued.

At one of my first appointments I remember that it took him quite a long time to get my tooth prepared, and I felt guilty about it and mentioned it to him. His comment impressed me further. "this is your time; we aren't in a hurry. We will get it done right the first time."

I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist. after a lifetime of fear. Thanks to Dr. Aumock.

Virginia - Ithaca

Dear Dr. Chris and Crew -

I have been coming to the "Aumock Dental Office" my whole life. The fact that’s after sixty plus years, I continue to remain with your practice, in itself says something about who your grand dad - your dad and you, were and are.

To say that you are special would be an understatement. You and your employees are kind, considerate & professional. We consider all of you a blessing in our lives and we consider you friends!
With deep respect

Linda & Don Johnson

Dr. Aumock is an outstanding dentist with an excellent staff. They really make you feel comfortable and welcome when you visit the office. Chris puts his profession ahead of his personal like and is available 24/7. This means a lot in time of pain or needing dental care before you travel.

I have been a patient for fifteen years.

Chuck Demaree

As a patient for over 20 years I have always found Dr. Aumock and his staff to be friendly, professional, and accommodating. As a working person I appreciate being able to arrange appointment times that are convenient to my schedule - and once

at the office I always receive prompt, courteous service.

Gale Barton

I have been a patient of Dr. Chris for 19 yrs now after my regular dentist left the area. I never thought I would ever say " I look forward to going to the dentist!" but the staff makes you feel so at ease. Dr. Chris is so aware of being painless and making you feel comfortable.

He has a friendly family atmosphere, as does his staff.

His Hygienist, Mary Ann, is so thorough in cleaning your teeth and very personable.

I'm extremely thankful I found such a wonderful dentist.

Char Pittwood, Owego N,Y.


I've been coming to Chris since B C ( Before Children ) and have known him for over 25 years. My kids were never afraid to go to the dentist. It's like visiting family when we go to the office. All the girls are really great too.

Connie Kuhlman

My first experience with Aumock's dental practice occurred approximately 35 years ago when I moved to the Owego area. At that time I was a patient of Dr. Delos Aumock and I'll never forget the kindness and compassion he showed me when I was suffering from an abscessed tooth. The pain had bothered me throughout the night so, in desperation, I phoned Dr. Aumock at his home on a snowy Sunday morning, hoping that he could fit me into his Monday morning schedule. Amazingly, he insisted that I come to his office immediately. He had his driveway plowed clear and he came to town to open his office to easy my toothache within an hour! That's the kind of uncommon personal attention I've received from Delos Aumock throughout the years and I'm pleased to say that the tradition of care and compassion is continuing with his son Chris. Even though I'm now retired and moved from the Owego area, I always return to Dr. Aumock's office for my dental work, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

Phil Motell



Dear Chris - Last Saturday as I was relaxing on the beach I reminisced about my last Saturday in Owego and the magnificent view from your office chair. I hope you have been able to fill your Saturday afternoons without me.

I am happy to report the partial fits well and chews wonderfully. The night guard "serves and protects" I certainly wish to thank you for your excellent care and your willingness to accommodate our travel plans. I am fortunate to return home each summer and find caring medical and dental hometown professionals. To Marianne, Terry and Karen - Thank you for your assistance and your smiles.

Jerry Lockwood



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